Google phone interview follow up

Unfortunately (for my ego) I have underestimated myself.  Two days after my phone interview with Google, I received an email from my first recruiter.  She told me that in the future I would be talking to a new recruiter that had been CC’d.  I took this is my normal sub-optimistic manner and assumed that this first recruiter just didn’t feel like saying NO to people and that they had a friend that liked saying NO!.

I thought this because my usual self might try to avoid having to reject a person and instead allowed another, more ‘nihilistic’ person to to it.  (well thinking back, I wouldn’t really make another person send a rejection for me.  I would definitely Man Up and do it myself; I think.)   Anyway, after another few days, and a weekend, I received an email telling me about the Google interview process from my new recruiter.  Unfortunately I was away from my phone for this weekend so I did not know that I had a response until the next Monday.  On the Monday I read my response and thought that this seems positive (remember that I have a pessimistic inner-self) but I still haven’t heard that I have done well.  So I phoned a couple friends that I know have interviewed with Google and they all said that if it was a No, then I would Know (haha a pun).

So, I followed up and I got an onsite interview at the GooglePlex.  Now I have two and a half weeks to study and worry before I get to fly on an airplane ;).  I have flown before, but I have realized that it has been almost 5 years since then.  I will let you know what happens!

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