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Telnet to test pop3

I found an easy way to test a pop3 connection today. It is a little known tool called telnet (It’s not really little known, but I never thought of using it for pop3, so in my mind it is little … Continue reading

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Unblock “unsafe” attachments in Outlook

So I went to open the .exe file that I sent myself yesterday and I found out that Outlook 2007 will not let you download “unsafe” attachments (unsafe meaning “Any file with an executable extension”). This bothered me, so I … Continue reading

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Date and Time in .bat

I will skip right to the good stuff. Here are some easy Date/Time variables for a batch file. [code lang=”powershell”] @echo off ::Day set d=%date:~7,2% set DD=%date:~0,3% ::Month set m=%date:~4,2% ::Year set YY=%date:~10,4% set y=%date:~12,2% ::Time set H=%time:~0,2% set i=%time:~3,2% … Continue reading

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Changing Hostname and IP in Red Hat linux

So I am new to administrating Linux servers so I am going to post about all the simple things that a noob Linux admin would want to know. I built a base Linux vm in Microsoft Virtual Server 2005. If … Continue reading

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