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Recover SQL Server from ‘Suspect’ Status

Last night, I had a power outage and a SQL Server went down. When I rebooted it, the database was in ‘Suspect’ mode. After some quick googling I found a solution. [code lang=”sql”] EXEC sp_resetstatus ‘yourDBname’; ALTER DATABASE yourDBname SET … Continue reading

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Date Diff in PHP

Thanks to Ryan Means, I have an easy way to find the difference between 2 dates/times in PHP. [code lang=”php”] <?PHP define(‘SecInDay’,86400); define(‘SecInHour’,3600); define(‘SecInMin’,60); $totalsec=XXXXXXX; //Replace the X’s with a int value of seconds $daysarray = explode(".", ($totalsec/SecInDay)); $days = … Continue reading

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MSDTC event 53258

I work with windows virtual machines a LOT. One thing that I have noticed is that if a windows VM that has been copied, NewSided (had NewSid run on it), and has been added to a domain, it can generate … Continue reading

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Telnet to test SMTP

Since I wrote up testing pop3 with telnet, I thought I would also write about how you can test SMTP with telnet. From a command line in windows: telnet open IPofSmtpServer 25 220 mail.server.domain Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service, Version: 6.0.3790.3959 … Continue reading

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